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5 ways to accomplish more with WritFiling

Are you still buried in paperwork? Are you struggling to make filing deadlines? Do you think you need more help?

Then think about WritFiling. We understand you’re busy and we want to help you feel more accomplished with a lot less effort.

Here are 5 simple ways that WritFiling does that:

  1. Break out of the 9-5

Whether you have other commitments or feel more productive at certain times of the day, WritFiling allows you to work on your files outside traditional hours. 24/7 online availability means you can prepare and save files for later use during the times that are most convenient for you. We also offer extended filing hours for more flexibility:

  • Monday to Thursday from 6 AM to 11 PM EST
  • Friday from 6 AM to 9 PM EST
  1. Go paperless and save time

Moving away from filling out and submitting paper forms is not only more efficient, but it will also improve filing time. WritFiling’s real-time processing of writs of seizure and sale/writs of seizure of land ensures your transactions are immediately submitted to the Writs System. And unlike paper forms, your files are stored securely, quick to find, and easy to maintain.

  1. Cut down travel and expenses

Making in-person trips to courts and enforcement offices to file, revise, renew, or withdraw writs can wear you down. You can use couriers or send mail, but you run the risk of delays, added costs, and lost documents. WritFiling allows you to do everything you need remotely with secure online access.

  1. Don’t panic over missed renewals

Writs don’t last forever, so we’ve got you covered with easy to set up Renewal Reminders. If you don’t want to miss an expiration of a writ, you can set the number of days in advance you want to be notified that it’s time to renew a writ. Your client’s interests will remain protected with this simple reminder that will appear on your WritFiling Dashboard.

  1. Team work is the dreamwork

Does your team have a tough time with endless email chains and different versions of a file moving back and forth? With everything in one place, WritFiling keeps your files in one organized place, so you can share files securely for collaboration and maintenance. If you revise one of the files, your colleagues will be able to review the updated version right away.

These small changes to your writs workflow will let you get more out of your day. Enjoy the extra time savings with WritFiling, a solution approved by the Ministry of the Attorney General.

Did you know?

Paralegals can now register to use WritFiling. For a limited time, we will waive the Registration Fee for Paralegals in Ontario. That’s a savings of $195!

Click here to register.

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